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Your Mercedes-Benz and Its Transmission: How Transmission Maintenance Benefits Your Car

Mercedes-Benz Transmission

Taking care of the transmission in your Mercedes-Benz is vital to its overall functionality. In fact, keeping the transmission in good shape can help to prevent costly repairs. When you take your vehicle in for regular tune-ups, you can spare yourself the aggravation of paying for expensive repairs that were probably avoidable. Always be sure to take your car to a great, local mechanic in Abbotsford (like Collins Automotive). Bringing your vehicle to a dependable, trustworthy mechanic at Collins is a convenient and economical choice for any Abbotsford resident.

What Is Transmission Maintenance?

Transmission maintenance may consist of a variety of tasks. During a service tune-up, your mechanic might remove and examine various parts. The screen or filter might need to be changed, and the pan may need a new gasket (or it might simply need to be cleaned).

Transmission Considerations in the Winter

Transmission maintenance may be especially important in the winter; if your vehicle’s transmission contains a part known as a sprag, it isn’t uncommon for this component to fail occasionally when the temperature is cold. Fixing this issue will require disassembling the transmission, so only a qualified mechanic should do the job. Additionally, if your vehicle becomes stuck in the snow, your best option may be to call a towing company. If you try to spin the wheels to remove the car, you could find yourself faced with the need for a new transmission.

Managing the Transmission Fluid

The fluid in your transmission should never be left neglected. This fluid lubricates the moving components of your car’s transmission. An automatic transmission requires its own special type of fluid, and a manual transmission requires oil (the kind of oil needed may vary according to the type of vehicle). Between transmission fluid changes, you may need to top off the fluid periodically.

Transmission fluid should be changed regularly. The frequency of changes will depend on your particular car and the instruction of the manufacturer. Be sure to discuss this issue with your mechanic, so you will know exactly how often you should take your car in for a transmission fluid change. If you don’t do this, your car’s transmission fluid will eventually become contaminated with metal shavings and other particles. None of these contaminants will be beneficial to your vehicle’s transmission; if you don’t bring the car in for regular transmission fluid changes, you will probably be forced to replace the transmission sooner than would otherwise be necessary.

In some cases, your vehicle’s transmission may benefit from a fluid flush instead of a fluid change. A flush involves using specific machinery to expel all of the transmission fluid currently in your vehicle. A specific solution will then be flushed through the lines until no contaminants are left in the system.

If you’re like many Mercedes-Benz owners, you probably want to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. This can easily be accomplished with regular maintenance visits and timely repairs. Fill out our free quote form today, so the technicians at Collins Automotive may assist you in maintaining the health of your car’s transmission.

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