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Understanding Your Audi’s Transmission – What It Does and Why It’s Important

Audi Transmission

Even if you know virtually nothing about cars, you are likely aware that your Audi has a transmission. However, if you are like countless other drivers, you may be a bit confused as to what the purpose of a transmission actually is. You might be aware that it serves an important function – but you may be interested in knowing a little more about what your car’s transmission does. Knowing something about the essential components of your car can help you to understand the reasons that proper maintenance is crucial. Always be sure to take your car to a local, dependable repair shop in Abbotsford, Canada – such as Collins Automotive.

The Purpose of a Transmission

The basic function of a transmission is to regulate the amount of power going to your car’s wheels when you’re driving. This vehicle component is able to do that when the gears are shifted in accordance with the speed at which you are driving. This function is not unlike the function of a bike chain. Keeping the transmission in good shape is vital to the overall condition of your vehicle; failing to keep this part maintained could result in the car’s inability to operate – and at the very least, it may have a negative impact on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

The Automatic Transmission

Many drivers prefer a vehicle with an automatic transmission. This type of transmission has no clutch and no clutch pedal to manage (as manual transmissions do). Instead, the automatic transmission does the work of shifting the gears for you. The transmission’s torque converter actually senses the changes that need to be made when you slow down or accelerate. The automatic transmission is then able to make the necessary changes for you.

The Manual Transmission

There could be as many manual transmission fans as there are automatic transmission enthusiasts. This may be largely due to the fact that a manual transmission gives the driver more control over the shifting of the gears. The clutch controls the connection of the wheels to the engine, and the driver controls the clutch. Manual transmissions are usually less expensive to build, and cars that have them generally have better fuel economy.

Maintaining the Transmission Fluid

You may need to add transmission fluid between fluid changes. Be sure to add only a small amount at one time – too much fluid can be bad for the engine. You will need to have the transmission fluid changed at certain intervals (how often you need to do so will depend on the manufacturer recommendations for your vehicle).

Keeping your Audi in top condition is probably a priority for you, and adequate transmission maintenance is essential. Your mechanic can check your transmission during regular maintenance checks. If you have any reason to believe that your transmission is not functioning as it should – or if it’s been awhile since your vehicle’s last tune-up – don’t hesitate to fill out our free quote form.

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