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Did You Store Your Volkswagen This Winter? How to Be Sure It Stays in Top Condition

VW Jetta Hybrid

Countless people opt to store their cars during the winter months. If you have chosen to keep your Volkswagen in storage this winter, be sure to take care of a few details in order to keep it in optimal condition. If you take the car in for a maintenance check with a local Abbotsford mechanic at Collins Automotive, it should be ready to drive once the coldest months have gone for another year. The following are a few maintenance tasks worth implementing to keep your car in great shape while it’s in winter storage.

Have the Fluids Filled and Changed

Before you put your Volkswagen in storage, one of the first things you’ll need to do is take it to a mechanic for proper maintenance. Your mechanic can fill and change the various fluids in your car. This is important because if there is any airspace left in the reservoirs, that can form ice and condensation. This means that moisture will be developing in the reservoirs, and that moisture will seep into the fluids (not a good thing). Fluids that may need to be filled or changed include windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze/coolant, and hydraulic brake fluid. Fill the gas tank before you store the car, and consult your mechanic about adding a fuel stabilizer.

The oil should actually be changed and not just filled. Dirty oil sitting in your car for very long can contaminate the engine and damage it. A mechanic should put clean oil in your car and change the oil filter. Once you have had the oil changed and the other fluids either filled or changed, be sure to drive the car for a bit to circulate the fluids.

Disconnect or Remove the Battery

Your vehicle’s battery should at least be disconnected prior to months of storage. It might also be connected to a device known as a battery maintainer for the months it will not be in use. Another option is simply to remove the battery altogether. Doing this is the best way to ensure that battery acid will not leak into the car and lead to some major damage.

Wash and Clean the Car

You will need to wash and wax the outside part of your car, so contaminants do not destroy the paint while the vehicle is in storage. Don’t forget to clean the inside of your car, too. Food wrappers, crumbs, and spilled beverages will attract pests and critters. Stains will be more difficult to remove if they are left for several months.

Cover the Vehicle

If you are letting the car sit outside for the time you won’t be driving it, make sure it is covered with a thick, sturdy car cover. Try not to park it under any trees or on a hill. Storing a car in an enclosed space that is properly ventilated is typically the best strategy.

Once spring arrives, you will probably want immediate access to your Volkswagen. If you take the right steps before putting it in storage, this should not be a problem. Fill out our form for a free quote on routine maintenance before storing your Volkswagen during the wintertime.

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