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Is Your Volvo in Storage? Tips for Keeping It in Good Shape Until Spring

Volvo V40

Did you decide to store your Volvo for the winter? Many people do this, especially if they have alternate vehicles that they prefer to use during the colder months. If you have recently decided that you want to shelter your Volvo until the springtime, you may want to consider a few strategies to ensure that it will be in good shape once you’re ready to drive it again in the spring. Be sure to consult a local mechanic you can trust (such as one of the staff members at Collins Automotive in Abbotsford), in case your car needs any last-minute repairs before going into storage for the season.

Store It Indoors if Possible

If you have a place indoors to store your vehicle, it will likely remain in better condition than if you leave it outside under a vehicle cover. This is especially true when temperatures are extreme or weather conditions are harsh. If you have space in your garage at home, you can store your car there. Another option is to take it to a paid storage facility.

Clean the Interior

Before you put the vehicle away for the winter, make sure that you clean the interior thoroughly. Vacuum crumbs and other small debris, so you don’t discover stains that are difficult to clean in several months. Stains are always easier to remove as they occur instead of after they have had much time to set – especially in a car. Additionally, bits of food may attract animals that can chew through any part of your vehicle that is not made of metal.

Wash the Exterior

You should also wash the exterior of your vehicle before it goes into storage. If any dirt or contaminants are left on the exterior for a long period of time, they could corrode the paint. That corrosion can lead to rust. You may also want to wax the car to give it extra protection for the next few months.

Get the Oil Changed

If you’re going to store your vehicle for longer than a few weeks, you should have the oil changed. Dirty oil may contain contaminants that could cause serious damage to the engine. The oil filter should also be changed for the season.

Fill the Fluids

You should also have all of the fluids filled, in order to prevent any extra airspace from becoming invaded by moist air. Moist air can turn into condensation or ice. When you take the vehicle in for a service check before storing it, the technician should fill the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. Don’t forget to fill the gas tank, too. You might also want to have your mechanic add a fuel stabilizer to deter the gas from breaking down while you’re not using the car.

You may wish to put your Volvo in storage during the winter for a variety of reasons. Whether you’ve already put it in your garage or have decided to do that now, you should be sure that the interior and exterior are clean. The fluids should also be clean and their reservoirs should be full. If you have any questions about how your mechanic may assist you in getting your vehicle ready for storage, don’t hesitate to fill out our free quote from now.

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