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Going on a Ski Trip? Make Sure Your Audi Is Prepared for the Drive

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Are you planning a ski trip sometime soon? This is a great time to go get some exercise in the crisp winter air. Whether you’re driving to a BC resort or to one in a different province, you’ll need to be certain that your Audi is prepared for the journey. This is easy to accomplish when you have access to a trustworthy Abbotsford mechanic at Collins Automotive. Your mechanic can check all the points of your vehicle that may be the most vulnerable to the effects of winter driving, so you can get started on your ski trip without worrying about a breakdown.

Filters and Fluids Maintenance

A basic maintenance task that is critical when you plan to navigate mountainous roads is fluids and filters maintenance. Your mechanic will need to check the fluid levels in your vehicle, from the antifreeze to the oil to the brake fluid. Fluids keep the various parts of a car running smoothly, and they need to be filled and free of contaminants. If any of the fluids must be flushed or changed, this is the best time to do it. The filters in your Audi should also be changed during routine maintenance. By replacing dirty filters with clean ones, you may keep harmful particles from invading the different systems in your car.

Exhaust System Inspection

It’s important to have the exhaust system checked periodically, and doing this during the wintertime could help to prevent a carbon monoxide leak. This type of leak is particularly dangerous in the winter because you will be driving in an enclosed space to stay warm. The catalytic converter for a car’s system aids in minimizing the level of pollutants found in the exhaust, as well. During s routine check for winter, your mechanic may inspect the exhaust system to be sure it is in top condition.

Interior and Exterior Lights

Properly working lights are especially crucial in winter. The days are shortest at this time of year, meaning you will be driving for longer periods of time in the dark. A technician may inspect all of the lights on the inside and outside of your vehicle. This includes the headlights, taillights, parking lights, turn signals, and interior light features. You will want to drive to your destination secure in the fact that visibility won’t be a problem.

The Tires

Without good tires that are in very good condition, you may not be able to drive very far. The tires should be checked for tread and pressure. If a tire must be replaced, this is certainly a great time to do it. You might have all of the tires replaced with seasonal tires, especially if you will be driving on slick, winding roads.

Going on a ski trip can be a lot of fun! You will want to have your Audi examined by a professional before you leave for your trip, though. By filling out our easy, free quote form today, you can get the information you need to schedule a winter service appointment at Collins Automotive.

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