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Getting Ready for the Fall Season – a Few Tips for Subaru Owners

Getting Ready for the Fall Season

Fall brings its share of challenges for drivers. The weather gets colder, and the roads may be slick. This means that your Subaru should be in the best possible shape before you brave the roads during the next several months. You can get your vehicle ready by taking it in for a fall maintenance visit with a great local mechanic in Abbotsford, like one of the car maintenance and repair experts at Collins Automotive. The following are a few key areas that your mechanic may examine during a maintenance check for the autumn months.

Changing the Oil

One aspect of a fall maintenance check might be checking the oil in your vehicle. A technician may check the level of oil in our car, as well as its condition. If the oil is dirty, it will need to be changed. Additionally, if you wish to use synthetic oil for the colder months, you might wish to request this change for your autumn service visit. Keeping the proper type of oil in your car, as well as ensuring that the oil is clean, will help to avoid wear and tear on your car in the fall.

Inspecting the Battery

Another car part to inspect is the battery. This component should be checked for corrosion because corrosion is not always obvious until a vehicle won’t start. If you don’t want to get stuck waiting for a tow truck in cold weather, then checking the battery in the fall is not a bad plan. A corroded battery may need to be replaced, and it’s best to do this before you are left stranded without a functioning car.

Examining the Brakes

One area of your car that should never be neglected is the brake system. You will need brakes that are fully operational when you are navigating the roads of Abbotsford during the cold and wet seasons. A mechanic can test your brakes now to be sure that they are in proper condition. If you have noticed any screeching sounds, if your vehicle has begun pulling to the left or right, or if the brake light on your dashboard has been flashing, be sure to mention such details to your mechanic.

You should check your tires thoroughly on at least a seasonal basis – and if you’re taking your car in for a seasonal visit, a technician will likely check them for you. The air pressure in your tires can affect the way your car rides, and it may even lead to unnecessary wear and tear. You will need to be confident that your car’s tires are in top shape before you can safely drive on the roads in the fall.

The best way to care for your car is to schedule regular maintenance checks with a qualified technician. This is especially important during the coldest, wettest seasons of the year. Don’t hesitate to , so a reliable mechanic can inspect your Subaru for any maintenance or repairs it may need.

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