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Is Your Audi Equipped for the Upcoming Season? A Fall Checklist

Audi Equipped

Fall weather can be unpredictable, and a little preventative maintenance could go a long way toward extending the life of your Audi. If you want to keep your vehicle in great shape and avoid some expensive repairs, you might consider taking it to your mechanic for a fall maintenance visit. When you get your Audi serviced periodically instead of waiting for problems to manifest, you may deter some of the most common auto issues from arising.

Before you schedule a maintenance check for the upcoming season, be sure that you have found a dependable, local repair shop in the Abbotsford Canada, area – like Collins Automotive. You’ll be glad you took your car to a reputable facility once the weather is cold and wet and the roads are potentially hazardous. The following are a few basic tasks that a technician may perform on your car when you get it checked this season.

Inspecting the Tires

The tires are a part of your vehicle that should be inspected during every maintenance check. Even if your technician only needs to perform a quick visual check, this task should not generally be neglected. If the surface of a tire is bare in any area, you probably need to have that tire replaced before the roads become slick with rain, ice, or snow. You might also discuss the possibility of replacing all of your tires with the seasonal variety for winter. You may not need to do that now, but you could schedule an appointment to have it done while you’re waiting for a mechanic to complete the fall maintenance check on your Audi.


Since the weather will soon be cold, now is the perfect time to check the performance of the heater/defroster in your vehicle. The heater must be working properly if you hope to stay comfortable during the cold months. You may need to have a heater coil replaced – and you won’t want to wait until the temperature outside is freezing before you do this. The defroster is a crucial aspect of maintaining visibility while you drive, so this car part should be examined, as well.

Windshield, Wiper Blades, and Fluid

Another important checkpoint of a fall maintenance inspection is the windshield, along with the windshield wiper blades and the windshield washer fluid. If the windshield has cracks or chips in it, getting these repaired before the weather is very cold is probably a wise safety measure. Cold temperatures could make your windshield even more vulnerable to additional damage if it’s already in a weakened condition. If your windshield wipers haven’t been replaced in several months, new wipers should be installed now to prepare for the rain and snow of fall and winter. A technician may also check to ensure that your car has an adequate supply of windshield washer fluid.

Getting your Audi ready for fall weather does not need to be a complex process. You should have your vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic before the temperatures begin to drop very much. When you fill out our free quote form, a representative may help you schedule an autumn maintenance visit at Collins Automotive.

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