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How’s the Cooling System in Your Volvo? Why You Need It for Cold Weather

Cooling System in Your Volvo

Believe it or not, the cooling system in your Volvo is as essential in fall and winter as it is in the spring and summer months. The function of the cooling system is designed to keep your car from overheating, which it can do in cold weather just as it can when the outdoor temperature is hot. In order to keep your cooling system and your vehicle in good shape, you might wish to schedule a maintenance visit for fall. Always take your vehicle to a trustworthy mechanic in Abbotsford, such as one of the technicians at Collins. If the cooling system or anything else needs to be repaired, a reliable mechanic will address the issue and help you keep your Volvo in excellent shape.

The First Step

One of the first actions that a technician may take is to check the coolant in your vehicle. This important fluid helps to keep your car’s cooling system working as it should – which means it is keeping your vehicle from overheating. A mechanic will add more coolant (which also serves as antifreeze in the winter); if the car needs more fluid, this will be the time to do it. Generally, a professional will be sure that your car has approximately half coolant and half water in its system.

Additionally, coolant becomes too contaminated to work properly after about two years. Therefore, a technician might need to flush dirty coolant from the system and add a new supply of clean coolant. This process is not as simple as it may seem, so hiring a professional to do it is typically the best strategy.

Checking the Hoses for Problems

A mechanic will also look at the hoses in your vehicle (such as the heater hose and radiator hose). These parts need to be in good condition for your car to operate well. The hoses should not have cracks or splits, and they should not be bulging at any point. Hoses that are swollen are another sign that repairs may be needed. Generally, if something is wrong with a hose, a technician should be able to replace it. New hoses will need to be positioned in exactly the right way, and they will be held in place with clamps.

Replacing Belts That Are Worn

The belts in your car will also need to be checked for wear. A serpentine belt, V belt, or timing belt should accompany the water pump, and this belt may need to be replaced if it shows signs of damage. If your vehicle is a newer model and has a timing belt, it will likely need to be replaced after a specific amount of time, and doing this requires disassembling part of the engine.

Getting your Volvo’s cooling system checked now could spare you from dealing with a breakdown in cold weather. A mechanic can take a look at the system and assess whether repairs should be made. If you are interested in a free quote, simply fill out our free quote form for more information.

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