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Time to Get Those Brakes Checked! Be Sure Your MINI Is Ready for the Weather

Brakes Checked

Cold and wet weather can be challenging to even the best of drivers – that’s why it’s so important to have the brakes in your MINI checked now. The last thing you need to deal with in cold weather is an avoidable accident on the road. In order to prevent such an occasion from occurring, you can take your vehicle in to your mechanic for an inspection of the brakes and brake system. Be sure to take your car to a great, local mechanic in Abbotsford – bringing it to a reputable repair shop nearby will spare you from the hassle of driving far for a brake system maintenance check.

Know the Signs of Brakes That Need Maintenance

If you haven’t had your car’s brakes checked in a while and are not sure whether they need maintenance, you may want to explore some of the more common signs of brake system issues. One indication of a potential problem is the sensation of pulling to the left or right when you’re driving the vehicle. If the vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, a caliper may not be functioning properly.

The Vehicle Vibrates While In Operation

If your vehicle seems to vibrate when the motor is on, a brake issue may be in the process of developing. Vibration may be caused by warped rotors, especially if the vibrating sensation comes in the form of wobbling when the brakes are applied. If this is the case, then a technician will probably need to replace the rotors.

Problems Occur With the Pedal

Another warning sign to be aware of is resistance when you push on the brake pedal. This may be a sign of water build-up in the brake line, which a professional will need to correct. If the pedal must go all the way down before it works, the brake pads or hydraulic system might be the problem. If the brakes are activated when you barely touch the pedal, this is another sign that a mechanic should inspect the brake system.

Unusual Sounds

Strange noises can also inform you that the brakes may not be working as they should. The sound of grinding metal may mean that the brake pads are worn and should be replaced. Another sound that indicates worn brake pads is squealing when the brakes are being applied.

Burning Odor

If you detect a burning smell as you apply the brakes, don’t ignore it. This often means that your brakes are overheated, and ignoring the issue may lead to costly damage. A trained mechanic can assess the situation and make any repairs that are necessary.

Before you notice a problem with your MINI’s brakes or brake system, you may wish to schedule a maintenance visit. Brake system failure during the autumn or winter could be particularly disastrous. Don’t hesitate to fill out our free quote form, so a Collins mechanic can check the brakes on your vehicle soon.

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