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Fluids and Filters – How Often Should MINI Owners Have Them Checked?

Fluids and Filters

Fall is an ideal time to schedule a maintenance check for your MINI. If you drove your car a lot in the spring and summer, then having various aspects of your vehicle inspected now just makes sense. Before the weather becomes cold and wet on a regular basis, your mechanic might take a look at the fluids and filters in your vehicle. Be sure to take your MINI to a trustworthy Abbotsford mechanic at Collins Automotive. A reputable, knowledgeable technician will know what to inspect on your vehicle, as well as what parts need to be repaired or replaced.

Transmission Filter and Fluid

Your car’s transmission helps you to get the most from the engine, and it can also aid you in getting maximum fuel efficiency. In order to keep this invaluable auto part in top shape, a mechanic should inspect it periodically. Doing this during a seasonal maintenance check is always a wise strategy. Replenishing or changing the fluid can be a messy task, but a qualified technician can do this for you easily. This will also be a good time to check the filter and replace it if necessary.

Changing the Oil and Fuel Filter

Oil helps to keep your engine running properly, and your engine will eventually fail unless you have the oil checked and changed regularly. Having the oil inspected during an autumn maintenance check is not a bad idea, especially if you did much driving in the summer. If the oil is dirty and needs to be changed, a mechanic can do that for you. A technician may also replace the fuel filter if it has become dirty or clogged.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

If your vehicle is low on windshield wiper fluid, you could find yourself unable to use the windshield wipers when you need them the most. You are more likely to use the wipers during the season of rain and snow, which means that you will need as much wiper fluid in your vehicle as possible. Having this fluid checked during a fall inspection could spare you the hassle of needing to replenish it later yourself.


Checking the level of coolant/antifreeze in your car is also essential. Doing this before winter is advisable. If the coolant/antifreeze must be flushed out and replaced, your mechanic can perform that task now. If your car simply needs more coolant/antifreeze, you can have this done before the outdoor temperature is freezing.

Air Cabin Filter

The air cabin filter works to keep the air inside your vehicle clean. When you’re driving around with your windows up this season, breathing clean air is particularly beneficial. If the air cabin filter is dirty, it should be replaced for the season.

Taking your MINI in for regular maintenance visits is crucial to its overall condition. Your mechanic may inspect many of the parts of your vehicle for fall, including the fluids and filters. You can fill out our free quote form today for more information.

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