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The Cooling System in Your Mercedes: Why You Should Have It Inspected Now

Cooling System in Your Mercedes

You may associate your car’s cooling system with summer maintenance. However, getting the cooling system in your Mercedes inspected is just as important in cold weather as it is in the summer. Doing a cooling system check can be time consuming if you do it on your own, but this task can be done properly and efficiently by a great local mechanic at Collins Automotive in Abbotsford.

Why the Cooling System Should Be Inspected Now

One of the main reasons to have your cooling system inspected is that this system helps to keep your car’s engine from overheating. An overheated engine can be costly, and the engine may become even hotter in cold weather than when the temperature outside is warm. Your car’s engine is the heart of the vehicle, and you may require more from your vehicle in fall and winter than in spring and summer. You rely on the electrical system more because the days are shorter and you need to use your lights more frequently. You depend on the heating system in your car to keep you warm. You may even use your vehicle more often in the cold months than in the warm ones. All of this activity puts added stress on the engine, so maintaining the system that keeps your engine from getting overheated is essential.

Checking the Coolant Level

Coolant is also known as antifreeze, and your car should have a sufficient level of clean antifreeze in it before the temperature outside becomes very cold. When you take your vehicle in for a fall or winter inspection, your mechanic will probably check the coolant level. Your vehicle may require additional coolant after the road trips and hot days of summer. If it’s been awhile since your coolant has been changed, a technician will likely do that during a maintenance visit, as well. This involves flushing the system before replenishing it with fresh coolant.

Inspecting the Hoses

The coolant level is not the only detail of the cooling system that a mechanic might inspect. Various hoses may also be examined for wear or leaks. A technician can look at the radiator and heater hoses; if any of those need to be replaced, doing so before winter is a good idea.

Examining the Belts

Belts are also important components, and they are worth examining during a maintenance check. If a serpentine belt or timing belt shows signs of wear and tear, replacement of the part may be necessary. This is another task that should be done before the snow, sleet, and rain arrive for the season.

Ensuring that your car’s cooling system is working properly is a major aspect of keeping your Mercedes in great shape. This system is vital at any time of year, but it is especially useful in the cold seasons. Please feel free to fill out our quote form for a free estimate on cooling system maintenance.

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