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Checking the Tires on Your BMW – Why This Is So Important in the Fall

Checking the Tires on Your BMW

When the weather is cold and wet, you need to be sure the tires on your BMW are in top condition. When you take your vehicle in for a seasonal maintenance inspection, a technician will likely examine a variety of checkpoints related to your tires. When your vehicle is inspected by a local, knowledgeable mechanic at Collins Automotive in Abbotsford, you can ensure that your BMW is given the attention it needs to function optimally.

The Importance of Tire Pressure

Many people are unaware that cold weather can lower the pressure in a vehicle’s tires. If you wait until your car’s dashboard warning light comes on to check the tire pressure, your tires and wheels may have already sustained preventable damage. As a rule, you should check the pressure in your car’s tires approximately once each month. This is also one of the first checkpoints that a mechanic may examine in a typical tire inspection.

Keeping the pressure in your car’s tires at an optimal level is an essential part of overall vehicle maintenance. Too much pressure can affect the traction on the tires, and you need the best traction possible when the roads are icy or wet. Too much pressure may also cause the tires to wear unevenly, and it may even lead to blowouts. Low pressure may also result in uneven tire tread (which means you may need to replace tires sooner than you ordinarily would), and it can have an adverse effect on your fuel economy.

Rotating the Tires

Another important aspect of tire maintenance is having the tires rotated periodically. This involves removing each tire and placing it in a different location on the vehicle. The purpose of rotating the tires is to ensure that all of them wear evenly. If the tires wear unevenly, one or more of them may need to be replaced. Having this done at the onset of fall will help you to drive with confidence throughout the season. A technician might also balance the tires before repositioning them on your vehicle.

Installing Seasonal Tires

You may prefer to have seasonal tires installed on your vehicle. This can help to increase tire traction on icy roads. Seasonal tires can also make it easier to brake properly on roads that are slick with rain or ice. They may even enhance your driving on roads that are dry but cold. Such tires are generally designed with a type of rubber that is more flexible than ordinary tires, which will ultimately give you more control over the way your tires drive and come to a stop on the road.

Driving in cold, wet weather can be scary if your vehicle is not prepared for fall and winter weather conditions. Having your tires checked on a seasonal basis is typically a viable strategy, and doing so before winter arrives could be especially beneficial. Don’t hesitate to contact Collins Automotive for assistance with all of your seasonal maintenance needs.

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