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Are Your Volvo’s Brakes Ready for Autumn?

Volvo’s Brakes

Fall and winter bring rain, snow, and ice to the Volvo drivers of Abbotsford. Before the roads are very wet and slippery, you may want to have your brake system checked. By getting your brakes inspected before the weather is extreme, you could prevent a collision from occurring. Be sure to have this important maintenance task performed by a reputable, local mechanic in Abbotsford, such as one of the trained technicians at Collins Automotive.

Be Aware of Unusual Noises

If you’re not sure whether you should take your vehicle in for a brake system inspection, think about whether you've recently noticed any warning signs that may signal that such an inspection is necessary. Listen for sounds that you don’t normally hear, such as squealing, clicking, or grinding coming from the brake area. Such noises may all be signs of a problem with the brake system.

Pay Attention to the Brake Pedal

If you have trouble operating the brake pedal, something may be amiss. If the brake doesn’t work until the pedal is almost flush with the floor, the brake system could have a problem. Additionally, if you experience resistance when applying the brake pedal, something is probably not functioning correctly. A brake pedal that vibrates could also be an indication of a brake issue. If the brake works too quickly when you apply very little pressure to the pedal, the system may need to be taken in for maintenance.

Pulling in One Direction

Another sign to look for is the way that your car rides when you’re on the road. If your vehicle seems to pull to one side as you drive, the brake system probably needs to be examined. The pulling could be a sign that a part of the brake system is stuck, causing it to pull to one side as a result of too much friction on one of the wheels.

The Dashboard Light

Always pay attention when the brake light on your dashboard is illuminated. The first step you should take when this light comes on is to check your emergency brake – the light could simply be a signal that you need to release this important backup brake. If the light is on and the emergency brake is not in use, then your brake system might have a pressure or fluid problem. This is a sign that you should take your vehicle to your mechanic for a proper brake system check.

Seasonal Brake System Maintenance

If you wait until something is wrong with your brake system before having it examined, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation on the road. Instead of putting yourself or others at risk, you might want to schedule a fall brake system inspection. If your vehicle operates with hydraulic brakes, the hydraulic system may need to be flushed and refilled. The parking brake cables might need to be lubricated or adjusted, as well. Once any necessary repairs have been made and your Volvo’s brake system passes inspection, you will be better equipped to drive on the cold, wet roads of autumn and winter. Fill out our free quote form today for an estimate on your next maintenance visit at Collins Automotive.

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