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Taking an Autumn Road Trip in Your Subaru? How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Road

Subaru Forester

A road trip in the fall can be an amazing experience, but don’t forget to prepare your Subaru for the journey. Before you head out on the open road to view the gorgeous autumn foliage, you may need to take your vehicle in for some routine seasonal maintenance. This is a great time of year to schedule a maintenance visit – you’ll want your car to be in optimal condition as you navigate the roads during the cold and wet months of fall and winter. If you plan to take a road trip, you should schedule your car’s maintenance check now, so you don’t experience a breakdown or collision when you’re traveling. When you take your Subaru to a local, dependable repair shop in Abbotsford (like Collins Automotive), you can be confident that your vehicle will get the attention it needs.

Checking or Changing the Coolant

The coolant in your car is vital to the engine’s performance, so this should be checked during a seasonal inspection. A mechanic might first examine the level of your car’s coolant – it may simply need to be filled. However, coolant can become dirty over time, and your mechanic may need to flush out the old fluid and equip your vehicle with new coolant. This will help to keep your car running properly as you drive to your travel destination.

Inspecting and Replacing the Oil

The oil in your vehicle plays an important part in the way that the engine performs. If you want to avoid dealing with an engine replacement, you’ll need to check your oil monthly. A technician can fill the oil and change it if needed. This is a basic maintenance task that is essential to the health of your vehicle. You might ask your mechanic about the benefits of using synthetic oil during the autumn and winter. This type of oil could help you to get the most out of your vehicle when temperatures are low

Keeping the Tires in Good Shape

Fall and winter roads can be challenging to drive on, especially if your car’s tires have not been properly maintained. A mechanic can examine the pressure in the tires – it shouldn’t be too high or too low. Your tires might also need to be rotated and balanced – having this done every other time the oil is changed is a solid practice. This may also be a good time to replace your ordinary tires with winter tires, so your car will have even better traction on slippery roads.

When you take your Subaru to your mechanic for a seasonal maintenance inspection, the vehicle can be properly prepared for fall and winter. Be sure to mention any plans you have for an autumn road trip – your mechanic might check specific parts for wear and tear. If you fill out our free quote form today, you can get an estimate on a fall maintenance check for your vehicle.

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