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Why Your Volkswagen Needs a Maintenance Check for the Fall Season

Your Volkswagen Needs a Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to have your Volkswagen checked for the winter months, but did you know that getting it checked for autumn could help you to save money on expensive (and preventable) repairs? Your vehicle may have experienced much wear and tear during the summer road trip season, and it may have developed problems that are not yet obvious to you. If such issues are allowed to evolve over the fall season, you could be faced with costly repairs before winter. Instead of letting this happen, you might consider a fall preventative maintenance visit. A trustworthy Abbotsford mechanic at Collins Automotive can inspect your Volkswagen’s potential trouble areas, so you can drive safely and confidently on the roads this fall. The following are a few of the maintenance tasks that your mechanic may perform on your vehicle.

Flushing the Anti-Freeze

Your car generally needs anti-freeze/coolant to run properly. A technician may check to be sure your car has enough anti-freeze to handle the next season of driving. If the anti-freeze hasn’t been flushed and replaced in more than two years, this is something that should be done now. If this isn’t done when it should be, any additives in the fluid can cause corrosion, and this does not benefit your vehicle or its performance. Many individuals believe that simply draining the radiator and adding clean anti-freeze is sufficient, but this is not typically true. To help you get the most from your car, a technician will need to flush the radiator before replenishing the fluid.

Examining the Tires

The tires on your car will probably be inspected during an autumn maintenance check. Their pressure should be checked, and the tread on your tires should be examined. You might also wish to monitor the condition of your tires throughout the coldest months, but having a professional view them periodically is a viable strategy. When you inspect your tires at home, don’t forget to look at the spare tire – you will want this to be properly inflated if you need to use it.

The Windshield and Its Accessories

If your windshield has a crack that has grown over the summer, discuss this with your mechanic. You may need to have it repaired (and in some cases, replaced) before the weather gets much colder. Your windshield wipers might also need to be replaced, and a technician can usually do this quickly during a maintenance visit. If your car requires more windshield wiper fluid, you should have the fluid replenished now.

The Exhaust System

Inspecting the exhaust system for leaks is another task that should be performed before winter arrives. The exhaust system works to expel harmful gases from your vehicle, which may be an especially important function when you drive frequently without opening your windows (such as when the weather is cold). During a fall visit, your mechanic may test this system for leaks, so parts can be replaced and repairs can be made as necessary.

Getting your Volkswagen serviced for autumn makes sense. If you drove it much during the summer, it may have sustained wear and tear that should be addressed. Don’t hesitate to fill out our free quote form now, so your vehicle can perform optimally in the upcoming months.

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